Swamp Mats

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Swamp Mats

Swamp mats typically require heavy-duty equipment to install them correctly. Often, when installing swamp mats, there's usually a need to dig up trees, move other objects, utilize cement stabilization, and dig deep in the mud. That's why it's advisable to trust the pros at Compass Access Solutions. Our professional service staff is the best in the industry, and we'll use a collaborative approach to solving your access challenges.

Let our industry-leading technology and logistics experts work for you. Our primary geographical focus is in Western and Northern Canada (notably, Northern BC and Alberta). This part of Canada is known for its vast wilderness and harsh yet beautiful terrain. Servicing this region has forced Compass Access Solutions to develop superior logistical capabilities to meet the challenges of these remote areas.

Indeed, we lease, sell, build, install, and remove swamp mats and a large variety of other quality products, such as temporary and permanent bridges, to help our customers access the most difficult areas. Our experience in Northern Canada has led us to develop technology, products, and expertise applicable to access challenges spanning the globe.

Here are some the industries we commonly serve:

Oil and gas exploration

Combining Experience with Expertise to Solve Your Access Problems

The synchronization of our excellent and experienced staff along with our industry-leading technology and expertise ensures that you will have the access equipment you need when and where you need it. Further, our swamp mats and other access products will get you where you need to be while protecting environmentally sensitive areas.

At Compass Access Solutions, we proudly use only Canadian-made products. Our wooden access mats stand out because of the high quality of lumber. We log our lumber and deliver it to a sawmill we have onsite. Our products are 100% Canadian, and we don't treat our wood unless it's necessary. Therefore, we have a smaller carbon footprint than most of our competitors.

Swamp mats are an excellent way for your company to traverse swampy terrain and access hard-to-reach areas. Swamp mats also prevent your heavy machinery from harming the natural wildlife and vegetation underneath. Of course, we use a variety of swamp mats at Compass Access Solutions, and we'll utilize the swamp mats that are just right for your project.

Our Swamp Mats Will Get You Where You Need to Be

At Compass Access Solutions, when we refer to swamp mats, we are referring to any wetlands mats. For example, muskeg is a common wetland located throughout Northern Canada. Canada has the largest concentration of muskeg across the planet, and our swamp mats will allow you to circumnavigate these boggy areas. The permafrost that lies beneath the muskeg is what indeed poses the most significant risk. Our swamp mats are engineered perfectly to allow access over muskeg.

Some land is saturated only seasonally. Our swamp mats are great for overcoming any wetlands Mother Nature might throw at you. Bogs, marshes, and swamps need not hinder your work. With Compass at your side, we will construct temporary access roads to get over it. Contact us today to discuss your swamp mats.

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