Best Concrete Pumps

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Best Concrete Pumps

The 3 Traits That The Best Concrete Pumps Possess

When it comes to finding the best concrete pumps, there are numerous considerations to be made and the more you know about the best traits to look for in your concrete pump, the better. There are certain things that you need to be looking for when purchasing the best concrete pumps and we are here to make the search process much easier on you.

After all, there are a few traits that are shared by the top pumps for your jobs and while some might struggle to find the best concrete pumps to handle their tasks, those who read on to learn more are able to enjoy a far more beneficial experience than those who attempt to go it alone.

1. Multipurpose

Did you know that there is a major difference in quality between the pumps that are designed to handle one specific task and the pumps that are designed to handle a multitude of different jobs? By selecting concrete pumps that are able to be used in a multipurpose manner, you are gaining access to the best possible equipment to handle any task that comes your way.

Selecting a pump that is only engineered to handle certain mix types will keep you from being able to get the absolute most out of your purchase and unless you are going to be using the specifically designed pump to handle the same tasks over and over again, it is not in your best interests to purchase one.

2. Rate of Output

The rate of output will determine how far and how fast you can spread your concrete and is one of the most important traits to look for in your concrete pump. The maximum distances that the pump can cover from a horizontal and vertical standpoint also need to be addressed too, so be sure to take a closer look at the manufacturer spec sheets to find out more.

A common mistake that is made by even the most experienced buyers is purchasing a pump that does not have the proper capacity for the job that they are trying to tackle. Choosing the concrete pump with the largest capacity might seem like the best idea in the moment, but these pumps are unable to assist you in the proper manner and you may experience a delivery rate that is not satisfactory.

3. Towing Ability

Being able to safely tow your pump from location to location is pivotal and when you select a concrete pump, you should be able to easily tow it with the use of a standard pickup truck. Buying a car that your horse is unable to pull successfully is not wise and should be avoided at all costs.

By looking at the spec sheets before deciding on a pump, you can find out more about the towing weights and machine dimensions. This keeps you from potentially purchasing a concrete pump that you are unable to tow from place to place and saves you the embarrassment of having to swap it out for another.


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