Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kansas City MO

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kansas City MO

Trust Paramount Flooring for your hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City. We bring more than 15 years of experience in installation and refinishing to the table to ensure a completed project you’ll be well-pleased with. Setting your satisfaction at our primary goal in everything we do, our refinishing team will work hard to deliver the results you have in mind.

We Offer a Full Range of Services

  • Hardwood floor repairs
  • Floor sealing
  • Floor resurfacing
  • Repair of water damage
  • Hand distressing
  • Pegging, wire brushing, & grooving, Dustless floor sanding
  • Leveling for warped flooring
  • Old tile or linoleum removal
  • Maintenance programs

When is Late Too Late?

Are your hardwood floors ever beyond repair? The fact is, that’s almost never the case. Even hardwood flooring that has been mistreated, ignored, and abused can typically be brought back to its original beauty, whether by refinishing, restoration or significant repair. The fact is, the costs of repair and refinishing are always far less than the costs of a new installation would be; therefore it’s in most cases to the advantage of the homeowner to approve the repairs.

Our team at Paramount Flooring can replace rotted, warped, and severely damaged boards, seamlessly weaving them in with existing boards so that no one will ever know they’ve been repaired. Our meeting with you will include a thorough assessment of your floors, followed by a discussion with you to bring to light some of the difficulties we may face during the refinishing process. Upon your approval, we’ll get to work restoring your floors to like-new beauty and luster.

Cost Versus Value

Most homeowners understand the difference between a service that comes cheap and one that provides value. We won’t sugarcoat the condition of your flooring, especially if it requires significant restoration. Hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City doesn’t come cheap. However, giving your flooring the attention it deserves can significantly increase the overall value of your home, providing real value for the costs involved.

Consumer specialists tell us that a new hardwood flooring installation is ranked alongside refinished flooring as one of the top 3 investments a homeowner can make to experience a high ROI. Whether you plan to sell your home in the future or want to enjoy your beautiful flooring for a lifetime, the choice is yours. Either way, you’ll get a lot out of your investment with Paramount Flooring.

Less Dust- a Lot less, Actually

We’ve perfected the refinishing process to eliminate the dust from sanding virtually. While traditional floor sanding came at the cost of a home filled with dust that left a mess and caused the homeowners to stay elsewhere until the project was completed, that’s no longer the case. Our process reduces the amount of dust that settles on your home furnishings and flows through your home during the refinishing process by as much as 99%.

If you’d like to learn more about our dustless refinishing process or have any questions about hardwood floor refinishing in Kansas City, please give us a call at Paramount Flooring. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and provide helpful information as you search for the right contractor to restore your floors.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Kansas City MO
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